Grand opening


May 21st 8:00pm
Studio 1

The evening will be moderated by Martha Issová and Anna Polívková. Trygve Wakenshaw, Soňa Červená, Vojtěch Dyk & Michal Žáček, Bambule bijou bác, Rosťa Novák, Martin Zbrožek and many others will be among the performing guests. Just like last year, the world-renowned choreographer of Czech origins Jiří Kylián will present the premiere of his new short film Scalamare.
This year’s SILENCE SPEAKS LOUDER lifetime achievement award will be presented to prof. Zoja Mikotová, czech director, university teacher and founder of the atelier Drama in Education of the Deaf.

Czech premiere on opening night.
Original idea and choreography by Jiří Kylián
Performers: Sabine Kupferberg, Peter Jolesch
Director: Jiří Kylián
Director of photography: Jan Maliř
Music and sound desig: Han Otten

Kylián created exactly 100 ballets in his 30-year career at Netherlands Dance Theater. But today his focus has shifted to photography and film, so it’s fitting that the celebrations kick off next week with the premiere of his new film, Scalamare.

Kylián says he got the idea for Scalamare when visiting an oceanside monument for the fallen in Ancona, Italy. “I was fascinated by the symbolism of the place—the sea that gives and takes—and by the angle of the light on the long steps, which caused me to see my own shadow disintegrate in geometric patterns, like a Malevitch painting,” Kylián says. In the film, a couple celebrating their 40th anniversary return to the spot of their honeymoon. “They realize that they arrived at an end state of their life and decide to end it right there and they walk into the sea,” says Kylián. “The film doesn’t have a logical order of scenes; it is more a surrealistic film influenced by Magritte. Death for me is a farewell, it is a kind of nostalgic celebration of life.”

The couple in the film is danced by Peter Jolesch, and Kylián’s wife and muse Sabine Kupferberg—who has been married to Kylián for 40 years (!).