Pantomime S.I.

We have bought you water from the Czech plains and groves

May 28th 7:00pm
Studio Hrdinů

Program „We have bought you water from the Czech plains and groves“ Is designed for an audience unfamiliar with the theatre of deaf artists, it provides a cross section of their work.

Break down
TV coverage
The meeting
A dream about life
A story

The work of Pantomime S.I. Is a collaboration between hearing and deaf artists which is important to know for understanding the performances. The feeling of loneliness in deaf people is sometimes very hard to comprehend however after a while it can be said, these feelings are felt on both sides, they can be overcome. Our results prove to us that collaboration is necessary and helps us move forward.

Actors: Markéta Maradová, Zlata Kurcová, Petra Gluchová, Tereza Hromátková, Stanislav Kleisner, Antonín Zralý, Pavel Barták, Oldřich Bajer, Tomáš Zbavitel
Lights: Jindřich Zemánek
Sound: Antonín Krištof
Director: Josef Tichý
Production: ECPN

Proceeds from the show will be donated to support Pink Crocodile’s foreign projects, which has long been dedicated to support deaf children in Sri Lanka and Africa who live on the brink of poverty.