Maria Zimpel Poland

What do you really miss?

May 22th 9:00pm
Cross Club

In this piece, Maria Zimpel is working with two limited movement patterns. These patterns unfold into a choreography through two interweaving processes. Through a process of recognition and by paying a close attention towards an individual logic of a given gesture; and through a process of negotiating directions, rhythm and intensity while moving.

„While commencing my work on the solo in 2012 I asked myself a question: ‘What do you really miss?’. Only two answers did matter to me: ‘nothing” or ‘I don’t miss’. The question ‘What do you really miss?’ is actually a question about an absence.
An empty space does not need to be filled in, it can rather become a very source of creation. I examine the potentiality of space, draw the directions with movements, whereas the rhythm of change and repetition intensifies the body. Here, the body is continuously being stretched between steps forward and backward, between surrendering to gravity and to elevation. Each direction, whether controlled horizontally or vertically, eventually bends in space. “

   --- Maria Zimpel

Choreography, dance: Maria Zimpel
Costume: Katarzyna Bura_White Flag
Production/premiere: Umělecká platforma Grażyny Kulczyk (2012/2013)
Artistic supervision: Ria Highler Solo Projekt 2012
Reanactment of the work within the framework of exhibition entitled Moved Bodies. Choreographies of Modernity was made possible thanks to the involvement of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, curator: Katarzyna Słoboda
Thanks to: Centrum w Ruchu za poskutnutí studia pro práci ve Varšavě.

Maria Zimpel: choreographer, dancer. She works with somatics and autobiographical abstraction. She continue developing movement language, exploring limits of physicality. Her pieces are various forms of creating intensities.