Gabriela Muñoz Mexico

Perhaps, Perhaps... Quizás

May 24th 9:00pm + May 25th 7:00pm
Studio 2 - Slévárna
Mexico, Mime / Clown

If at first you don´t succeed, try again... and again... and again. Perhaps, Perhaps... Quizás is a heart-wrenching as well as hilarious clown piece playing with the idea of loneliness, the wait and hope for Mr. Right. In an era where nothing seems to impress one another anymore, the longing for “real love” seems to be the burden of our time. Greta, our protagonist, is a lonely woman who rehearses once a week the arrival of the so called ‘one’. Will she get lucky tonight? Perhaps, perhaps, quizas… "Audience members are on the edge of their seats as they watch this outrageous, but somehow relatable story with bated breath.” - Kimberly Laurenne, Show Business Weekly, NY

…Quizas premiered in New York in 2010 and since then has been performed around the world to various clown and theatre festivals in New York, Brazil, Colombia, Georgia, France, Spain, UK and Sweden. Described as “at once beautifully poignant as it is hilarious”, Munõz moves her audience through pathos to humour, keeping her audience on the edge of their seats as they move between her reality and her imagination.

Best of Fringe, NZ Fringe Festival 2016
Outstanding performer, NZ Fringe Festival 2016

Show Credits
Created, directed and performed by Gabriela Muñoz
Producer: Show Pony
Costume design: Valentina Muñoz
Art & set design: Gabriela Muñoz and Valentina Muñoz
Video: Marion Sosa
Music: Ernesto Paredano

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