Martin Zbrožek


May 23th 7:00pm
Studio 1

bach_330 is a unique visual/music project by the violinist Martin Zbrožek. The project started as a ode to the musical genius of J. S. Bach on the occasion of his 330th birthday. The solo concert presents a selection of Bach's sonatas enriched by Zbrožek's unique interpretation; he creates a profound dialogue between a deep past and an immediate future. The expressive choreography of Hany Polanska, akrobatics of Lukáš Macháček and visual art of Alexe Dowis comes together in this unique collage: perfect harmony working on all the senses. Light painting, dance and acrobatics, delicately grab the audience and this at times introvert work perfectly enriches the viewers experience. The weaving together of all the artists creativity and expressive mediums makes Bach_330 a unique creative encounter.