LA FABRIKA 26.6. – 3.7.2016

From the 26 th of June to the 3 rd of July 2016 The La Fabrica theatre (with the support of the cultural minister Daniel Hermana) hosted the first year of its international silent theatre festival - PRAGUE NONVERBAL 16. The one week long festival saw thirteen shows including ten international productions. As part of the opening night, the world renowned choreographer Jiřího Kylián presented a number of films and was than awarded with a special festival SILENCE SPEAKS LOUDER lifetime achievement award for his contributions to the genre. A in Memorial award was also announced with the minister of culture presenting both.

With Berlin based promoter Wolfgangem Hoffmannem in charge of the international dramaturgy, PRAGUE NONVERBAL 16 was able to host a number of world class, festival awarded companies; something never organized before in the Czech Republic.

Our culture going public appreciated the likes of LEO, the German-kanadian solo project produced by Y2D. The German performers Stefan Sing a Cristiana Casadio with TANGRAM, the comedy pantomime NAUTILUS performed by Trygve Wakenshaw, the Swiss duo Simon Fassari a Camilla Pessi with their project PSS PSS as well as the Norwegian group JO STROMGREN KOMPANI with their show titled THE HOSPITAL to name but a few. Representing the Czech silent theatre scene were shows like POSLEDNÍ TRIK GEORGESE MÉLIÉSE performed by the theatre company DRAK, the young and talented female trio HOLEKTIV presented their project STUDY. Students and graduates from the theatre academies pantomime department got their chance to perform on the international stage as part of THE BEST OF HAMU program.

Of integral importance to the festival were the numerous free workshops run by international professionals. As well as the general public, students from HAMU,DAMU,ALD and the dance academy were invited to participate. Student could enjoy free access to the shows and the Prague 7 senior club was also granted a limited number of free tickets.

PRAGUE NONVERBAL 16 ended with the opening of a two week exhibition titled FREE FALL: A photographic study by Jiřího Kyliána. The show presented this exceptional artist in an altogether new light.

PRAGUE NONVERBAL 16 contributes to the contemporary silent theatre scene with its history rooted in the work of Ladislav Fialka, Ctibor Turba, Boleslav Polívka and Boris Hybner.

Today pantomime, clownery and Slapstick are all expanding into new territoties, merging with physical theatre and new circustry. For a new generation of performers the inspiration and confrontation provided by exposure to international acts is crutial; Silent theatre needs new impulses and bigger spaces for its proffesionals.