LA FABRIKA - main festival scene

1Komunardů 30

La Fabrika is a cultural centre in the heart of the Holesovice district in Prague. From its inception La Fabrika was conceived as a multi-purpose establishment suitable for creating and presenting all kinds of audio and visual projects such as concert and theatre performances that require spatial solutions. It is also commonly used for media exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

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Cross ][ Club

2Plynární 23

Cross Club based in Holešovice district is one of the motliest places in Prague due to its dramaturgy. In the long term Cross creates a platform for the various kinds of arts, cultural and educational events and also for foodfestivals, projections and lectures. On the top floor of the club - in the attic - there is an atmospheric theatre venue situated that hosted lots of site-specific projects and leading groups of alternative theatre.

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Centre for Contemporary Art DOX

3Poupětova 1

DOX’s programme differs from other similar exhibition institutions (the combination of a “kunsthalle” with a multifunctional cultural centre) primarily through art projects incorporating critical reflection on current social topics and issues overlapping with other “non-artistic” areas and disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, history, sociology, political science, etc.

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4Pražská tržnice, Bubenské nábřeží 13

A multifunctional theatre hall as well as a small-scale theatre space, a training hall and a rehearsal space, a gallery and a bar. Jatka78 has it all, offering ideal conditions for the genres of contemporary circus, dance as well as non-verbal, alternative and puppet theatre. It is a residency space of the company Cirk La Putyka. Jatka is a temple of creativity.

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5Veletržní palác, Dukelských Hrdinů 47

Studio Hrdinů is an open theatre space notable for its clearly defined dramaturgy and a distinctive circle of theatre collaborators. The main dramaturgical line is based on original arthouse directorial projects, with an emphasis on international productions, transcending genres and boundaries of artistic disciplines.

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6Františka Křížka 36

Alfred ve dvoře (Alfred in the Courtyard), the stage for new theatre, presents progressive performance works and unique creation-based projects. The focus is on contemporary directions in live art, especially on physical theatre, visual performance and experimental works.

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