Prague Nonverbal

  • Prague Nonverbal is the international festival of silent theatre taking place every year at the end of may. Its organizers at the La Fabrika art and theatre collaborate with other subjects as part of the Prague 7 Art District project (Alfred ve dvoře, Jatka78, Studio Hrdinů, Centre for Contemporary Art DOX, Cross Club).
  • Prague Nonverbal is a platform for the contemporary silent theatre scene. The history of this form of theatre is rooted in the work of Czech artists Ladislav Fialka, Ctibor Turba a Boleslav Polívka. Pantomime, clownery and slap stick are evolving into the terrain of new circus and other forms of 'physical theatre'. For a new generation of artists the inspiration and confrontation that the exposure to the international scene provides is crucial.
  • The festival is aimed at providing a variety of artistically open contemporary silent theatre shows. Prague Nonverbal does not 'pigeon hole', on the contrary; it looks to innovation in mimicry theatre, mapping the links between circus, object theatre, mask, puppetry and visual art. The aim of the festival is not to revise old established forms of pantomime and claunary but rather focus on the wider picture/potential of silent theatre. Particular attention is paid to the interpretations, original visions and a high level of technical professionalism and acting skill this field offers.
  • As well as professional acts both from abroad and home the program includes young gifted artist starting out in the field.
  • An important aspect of all our shows is humour.
  • As part of the festival, the SILENCE SPEAKS LOUDER award is presented to important personalities from the silent theatre scene.


„Humour is a very unusual, precious and important human quality, it is profoundly necessary and sits very closely to mans intellectual view of the world”
--- Boris Hybner – winner of the SILENCE SPEAKS LOUDER 2016 in memoriam